It's nice that you're here - and first a "Greetings God" from beautiful Bavaria

We would like to take your interest and the opportunity to introduce us to you.


We, i.e. Albert and Andreas - the founders of AZ-Delivery Vertriebs GmbH - started in 2016 in pairs with the aim of offering our customers high-quality microelectronics with short shipping times and fair prices.

The basic idea for this arose from an urgent self-requirement:

Would you rather wait 8 weeks for self-importfrom China, uncertain whether the goods will ever arrive, land at customs or simply be sent back? Or buy in Germany at a totally inflated price from a specialist retailer? Would you rather buy the cheap product in China without being sure which version of the product you will receive, or order it from the German retailer incl. instructions and data sheet?

As young graduates, we know the problem with the tight cash register with the simultaneous multitude of interesting projects to be tinkered with.

We want to remedy this situation at AZ-Delivery!

So we decided to found AZ-Delivery Vertriebs GmbH with the aim of combining the best of both worlds.
Through a direct purchase ex works, large purchase quantities and the associated purchasing power, we force the best price for you in China and through lean structures in Germany we pass on this good price directly to you. On the other hand, we want to convince our customers through a special level of service, weekly new, exciting projects in our blog, an active fan community and our library with eBooks for setting up and serving our products. In addition, we have a German-speaking team of experts at your disposal to solve technical problems in the setup of our products quickly and customer-oriented.

The start:

After these initial considerations, we went directly to China and negotiated for days with different factories until it was finally clear that we had found the ideal partner factory! Through this Purchasing ex works and without "sales agents", middlemen, "forwarders" etc. we get purchase prices that allow us to repeat unbeatable prices directly from Germany sent.


Visit to our partner factory: We use our regular visits to China not only to negotiate purchase prices, but also to regularly implement QM management "made in Germany" at our partner factory and to ensure it permanently.

Our AZ-Delivery Promise to you:

As soon as we returned from China, we went directly to the implementation of our plan:
Offices and a warehouse were quickly found, and since then we have been working every day to make our customer promise come true:
  • Fast intra-German shipping (with DHL and tracking number); Delivery in 2 working days:
DHL Shipping
  • Shipping directly from our warehouse in Deggendorf (Bavaria):
  AZ-Delivery Vertriebs GmbH Plattlinger Straße 5 from the inside
  • Our German-speaking team of experts can be reached via our telephone hotline, which will be happy to help you set up our products:
Customer Service Staff AZ-Delivery Vertriebs GmbH
  • Everything fits together here: As a German specialist dealer, we would like to provide you with further information. For this reason, you will find under the "free e-books" an extensive library of our microelectronics components.
AZ Delivery Library
You will not receive any undefined China component from us, but exactly the ordered product with German setup instructions.
  • As a German specialist retailer with more than 10 employees, we not only create jobs, but also pay all taxes in Germany. We guarantee you will receive a correctly issued VAT invoice, a ROHS declaration of conformity, and as a company or (high) school you will also be able to purchase on account.
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