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Hello everyone

Today I want to show you how to create a DXF from an STL file without having to install costly software. We use this TinkerCADAnd Inkscape

After clicking on JOIN, we can create an account at AutoDesk:

Once the process has been completed, we land directly in the surface with an open example:

To get into the main menu, click on the Tinkercad logo at the top right of the screen (colorful cube):

We'll create a new design and click "Import" at the top right of the screen:

Select an STL file (e.g. from Thingiverse)

after import, we already see our object:

Now we would have the possibility to edit the STL file or scale it right away. But I do this either in Inkscape or in the laser CAM, so we only export the model here (button next to "Import")

We get the SVG in the download

The next step is to open the SVG file with Inkscape:

To remove the tag below, we select the image and click under Path on Disassemble:

Now we can delete or modify the components. Since the SVG is already a vector file, we can simply save it with "Save As":

we still have the possibility to adjust the output, which is not necessary in this case:

an explanation of the individual parameters can be found under the tab "Help"

Until the next post :)


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Joachim R. Kühn

Joachim R. Kühn

Nette Anleitung – leider nur für 2D Objekte

Gerade für die “3D-Drucker” unter uns wäre eine entsprechende Anleitung für 3D-Objekte sicher hilfreicher. Das Problem der Umwandlung von STL-Modellen (Mesh) in Volumenkörper-Dateien zur Bearbeitung in gängigen CAD-Programmen haben sicher viele hier.

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