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today's blog post I would like to use them to explain how the functioning of the projects found online and recreated to be able to, according to the Motto: It is not all Gold what shines.

The occasion of this article was a client of one of our SuperCaps and DC Adapter and a Powerbank Tinker wanted to as in this manual to see: in principle it is a good place to get ideas for his project to find. Experienced hobbyists on, however, in the case of such instructions literally, the hair.

Here you will find our Instructables page.

at the bottom of this page, users have the possibility to have your "Made IT" to post, and thus the Functioning of the shown project to confirm.

As shown in the Screenshot above to see for this project is not a "Made IT"

Scrolls you further down in the comment section, it is clear that this article only to be used should, to times product or Affiliate Links to distribute.

The comment field is always a good indicator, there are a lot of positive feedback so the project seems to be little trouble to implement. However, it should be here, each reader is clear that listed here problems are not necessarily with this project in context.

Some time ago, wasinstructables.comstill the top dog for electronics projects, this platform lately, from pushed to the background:

Here you will find, in the meantime, more recent projects in different Categorize like in the above picture to see. The available selection is simply overwhelming.

You should on both platforms do not find it to be so there is still a third point of contact, however, this is unfortunately subject to a charge:

On this platform are also sizes such as Great_Scott or Andreas Spiess represented their projects here in advance, i.e. before the release on Youtube &co. publishing.


A Commonality, however, have all the platforms: For of there created projects there is little Support for any of the articles from our Blog, however.

If you have problems during the building process in our blog article, our technical Support via e-Mail to you and requests for support via the comment function in the Blog or in our product reviews we can, unfortunately, difficult to understand, we ask this to understand.


Until the next post :)



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