Reinstall the Bluetooth example for ESP32_Dev

Hello community,

Through a request from our customer, we found that the current version of the Arduino core files from Espressif contains hardly any BLE examples with associated libarys. Today I want to show you where to find them and how to add them to the Arduino IDE. (Desktop version)


The examples matching ours ESP32_Dev  You can find the module here:

Download this archive as a * .Zip file and unzip it to the folder path:
C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ Arduino \ hardware \ espressif \ esp32 \ libraries \ BLE
If the BLE folder does not yet exist, simply create a new one. After that it should look like this:


Then they are available in the IDE


Done, the examples with associated libarys are installed. Now we can do more interesting things like control of the ESP using an Android app.

In order to get into this topic as easily as possible, we orient ourselves on a project from arduinofanboy on Instructables:

arduinofanboy  explained here  the steps of his project very detailed.

Try it! Download the IN O  on your ESP and the APK  on your AndroidPhone and get started!


Esp-32Basics software

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